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A feeling of well-being with Vectomega

I have been using Vectomega for about a year now, and I not only feel better but I also notice a feeling of wellbeing...Thanks for sharing.

- Elizabeth O., Long Beach, CA

Give Vectomega a try... you won't be disappointed!

I first discovered Vectomega in 2008. My doctor advised me to pay attention to my cholesterol levels. My husband and I went to a local health food store in search of something natural to support healthy cholesterol levels, and that's when we were introduced to Vectomega. The sales person promised us not only amazing results but assured us there would be no fishy after taste or pardon the expression, fish burps. The challenge began and low and behold six weeks later I was getting great results and I didn't taste fish one time. Wow! The doctor said what have you been doing differently? Well I started 2 Vectomega tablets a day, cut back on my sweets and that's about it. The rest is history, this product works!!!! I'm a fan for life, and I truly think it saved mine back in 2008. Give it a try !! You won't be disappointed.

- Dawn S, Harleysville, PA

My positive experience with Vectomega

"I wanted to share some my positive experience with Vectomega.  After treatments I often feel like I am in a brain fog....after using Vectomega, I feel like the brain neurons are connecting again.  Thank you for making this product!"

- Susan N, Chicago, IL

I have noticed a difference with Vectomega...

"A family member told me of their success with the Vectomega product and I am here to testify to the fact that after taking this product, I have noticed a difference. Currently it has been four months and counting. I noticed improvements during the first month of taking Vectomega." 

- M.H., Fort Myers Beach, FL


Human Circulatory System

A human open clinical trial was recently concluded in Europe. In this study, 40 healthy people took two Vectomega tablets per day without any changes in their diet or usual exercise habits. After 60 days, the subjects experienced significant support in healthy total cholesterol, and a 13% increase in HDL levels. In addition, they reported significant improvement in several quality of life factors.*